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Recovery at Sagehen - TD4WD Club to the Rescue!

Dean A Eppley  | Published on 8/11/2017

Recovery at Sagehen

Dean Anderson and Tim West saved the day recovering my brother-in-law’s new to him Tundra after he had ventured deep down a narrow trail, down a steep rocky hill and got badly stuck trying to turn around blowing up his truck’s transfer case in the process.  He had to hike out 6 miles and then try to arrange for a tow.  He called all the local tow company and only one would do an off-road recovery, but they weren’t available plus it is $280 per hour portal to portal.  Luckily Dean Anderson and Tim West were up for the challenge and were able to recover the truck.  Per Tim “In deep is another word for where he was stuck.  It took several winch pulls for about 1/3 to ½ a mile.  Then we had to find a place to turn around so we could tow.  Then another winch hill and tow.  He was able to drive out the last 3 miles” in 2WD.  “Luckily Dean Anderson had a really long tow strap”.

Both my brother-in-law and I are very appreciative of Tim and Dean’s heroic efforts – well done guys!

The story is a good one for those of us who venture off-road:

  • Going off-road alone is risky
  • Don’t expect your cell phone to work
  • Bring recovery gear and emergency supplies with you
  • Having the support of the TD4WD Club is awesome!

Dean Anderson!