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2019 April TD News - Spring opening

Dean Eppley  | Published on 4/9/2019

Girls Jeep

We busted out of the snow for a run to the old “Red Dog” and “You Bet” mining sites near the Bear River.  We ran across some gates closing the road.  In discussion with a Nevada Irrigation District technician, the Bear River area at Secret Town Road had to be closed because people were dumping items, shooting and in general making a mess – very disappointing that us humans could treat such a beautiful area so disrespectfully.  You can still walk the bridge and river area and it is worth the stop.  We detoured to Highway 174 to “You Bet” Road and headed up to the “Red Dog” overlook for lunch.   We continued on through the former town site and we were glad to be part of a large convoy as the theme song from Deliverance kept playing in our heads.  Dennis Austin narrated the history as we passed the significant sites.   We drove down to the Greenhorn Creek Ford but it was so washed out that the road was nowhere to be seen so we backtracked to Chalk Bluff Road and ventured up the muddy route.  We could have continued up Caulk Bluff Road to Highway 20 but we knew that  snow blocked that end of the road.  We turned around and stopped at the old “You Bet” Cemetery before heading back to Truckee for a great dinner at the Tahoe Donner Lodge.