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2019 May TD New - Billy Bobbers

Don Schellenberg  | Published on 4/16/2019

There is almost no wheeling her in the Sierra due to the snow we’ve had, so three of our more adventuresome members decided to head down to Reno to take on the very challenging and rugged Billy Bob Trail.  The trio included Dean Anderson, David Gray and Don Schellenberg.  This trail is very well known among the off-roading community for its difficult terrain.  It’s essentially a riverbed canyon filled with very large rocks. It took the adventurers about three hours to cover the 1.2 mile trail.  They spent a great deal of time walking the trail to strategize the best lines to get over the obstacles.  Forward motion was very slow with much needed spotting to stay on the right path and even then the Jeeps ended up getting stuck on rocks and in ruts.  A lot of time was spent putting smaller rocks in depressions so the tires would get traction to get over much larger rocks.  We’re happy to report that they made it all the way through the trail with no injuries or vehicle damage.  A terrific achievement.

While a few of  our members get very excited about this kind of wheeling most of our runs are far more tame and manageable so please come on out and join us on our next outing.  We guarantee you’ll have a great time.

The Billy Bob Album has great photos.