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Midland MXT400 Istallation

Roger Stein  | Published on 5/12/2020

MXT400 Installed an a JL


For those that might be interested, I am sharing my new Midland Micro MXT400 GMRS radio install in my Jeep JL. Ever since I went on my first adventure with TD4WD club I have been struggling to find a good spot to locate my handheld FRS/GMRS radio. If it wasn’t in the cup holder it was sliding around in the passenger seat or on the floor. The only way I could really hear it was holding it in my hand while driving. I recently came across the Midland Micro radio series and thought that would be a perfect setup. I already had a CB mounted on my overhead CB bar and decided that I would swap that out for a GMRS radio. I went with the MXT400 radio, it is the most powerful in the midland line up and would easily fit on my overhead bar. I also installed a gear keeper “leash” to attach the mic to. So far I think it is going to work well for me. The radio attaches simply to the CB bar and I ran the power and ground wires across the top of the windshield, under the freedom panels, down the passenger side behind the windshield to the passenger side footwell. 


On my Jeep JL, I have the optional Aux switches so in the footwell area there is a bundle of wires that operate from the Aux switches. Included in that loom of wires is a 12volt hot wire that is independent of the switches, that is what I used to power my radio. Also in that same area is a ground lug, which I attached the radios ground to. 

For the antenna, as of now I am running the rugged radio antenna mount with the midland 6db whip antenna. The mount seems a little flimsy to me, but until I get a chance to get out on the trails and try it out I am going to live with it.


The rugged radio mount bolts directly onto the driver’s side using 1 bolt provided in the kit. Make sure and tighten down securely as it tends to want to come loose. I used the Diamond antenna coax cable that is listed below, but I see now that Midland offers one as well. The important thing is to make sure and get a NMO cable, different then CB coax. Also you want to make sure that the PL259 end (screws into the back of the radio) is removable, this makes it much easier to fit through the firewall.


I ran my cable from the antenna/mount into the engine compartment and then through a plastic removable plug in the jeeps firewall.
After removing the plug I drilled a small hole in it, replaced it, and then ran my wire through it. Once I had the cable on the driver’s side footwell I ran it up along the inside of the windshield and then over to my radio. All in all a fairly simple install and I can’t wait to get out on the trails and try it out.

Items I used in my install:

Waya life CB Bar

Midland MXT400 GMRS Radio

Gear Keeper Mic leash

Midland 6db Whip antenna

Rugged Radio Antenna Mount

Diamond Antenna NMO base connector

Other items I'm looking at: