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Bear Valley Loop

Dennis R Austin | Published on 6/4/2020

At the last board meeting we lamented that many members, particularly newer members, were unable to get out on trails with us because of COVID-19 restrictions on our activity.  It was suggested that we provide some trail instructions for people to try on their own.

Doing a trail "on your own" should mean going with at least one other vehicle to help in case of problems.  The trail I'm suggesting in this email is one where I got seriously stuck with no friends to help.  I was a naive off-roader without a club.  Don't let it happen to you.

Many of you have probably done the Bear Valley Loop with us for Trails and Ales or some other time.  It is a great trail, and there is more to it than we do at Trails and Ales.  I'm attaching detailed instructions for following the route as well as a map from Truckee to the starting point.

The route has some difficult obstacles, but they have bypasses. (The one I got stuck on is the "Rock Garden"). The trail is beautiful and fun even without doing the obstacles.  

Route to Bear Valley

Bear Valley Loop Map

Bear Valley Loop Directions