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2020 September TD News -- Local Grandeur

Dean Eppley  | Published on 9/12/2020

2020 Pole Creek Palisades

The perfect 4WD trail and hiking opportunity is just next door to our Tahoe Donner Base Camp.   Approximately 6 miles south of I-80 on Highway 89 finds Pole Creek Road (0008) on the right of the highway across from Olson Construction.  The 18 mile loop follows Pole Creek Road to Pole Creek OHV Trail and then on to Cabin Creek Road.  The route is only open August 1st through November 1st and is absolutely spectacular.  You’ll climb pass the Sierra Club’s Bradley Hut and soon be surrounded by beautiful views of rock palisades between Billy’s Peak and Tinker’s Knob.  The climb continues to an 8000’ ridge before a traverse and steep switchback decent through the forest.  A rocky climb takes you to a barren saddle below Tinker’s Knob.  Park here to hike the slightly over 1 mile route to the top of Tinker’s Knob.  At the top there are stone “thrones” to sit upon while you enjoy some of the best views in the region.  


Returning to your vehicle, the OHV trail continues across the saddle and then through a set of steep rocky switchbacks before intersecting with the Cabin Creek Road system.  There are numerous dirt roads in the area but the easiest to follow is the logging truck route identified by temporary spray painted orange arrows.  The road is dusty due to logging operations, but quickly gets you to Cabin Creek Road near the Regional Transfer Station.  If you want a GPX track for the route, e-mail