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2020 December TD News -- Arizona

Dean Eppley  | Published on 11/30/2020


We did a scouting run down to Sedona, Arizona to check out some trails and visit the co-founder of the TD4WD Club, Don Gerbi and his wife Susan.  The red rock country around Sedona is beautiful and it was wonderful to have Don and Susan show us around.  

Jeep tours are big business in Sedona.  There are literally dozens on Jeep/UTV tour companies and the city allows UTVs on the city streets.  It was busy.  We ran into a traffic jam entering the Broken Arrow Trail.  An out-of-state 4WD group decided to “air-down” directly on the trail, blocking access.  As you can imagine this did not sit well with the tour drivers, as they queued up in the growing traffic jam.  After some verbal encouragement from the tour guides, they moved on.  Once down the trail we enjoyed views of “Submarine Rock” and “Chicken Point” – truly inspiring scenery that is so different than our amazing Sierras. 

Later that day we ventured to Solider Pass.  We had purchased vehicle passes before hand, allowing us to unlock the gate and drive the trail.  These limited passes are used to control the volume of traffic and impacts to the neighboring homeowners.  We ate lunch at the Seven Sacred Pools before heading to the Devil’s Kitchen, a massive sinkhole in the red rock. 

It was a long drive to and from Sedona, but well worth the trip.  We even stopped at the South Rim of the Grand Canyon for a hike in the snow.