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2021 September TD News -- Pole Creek Maintenance

Dean Eppley | Published on 9/8/2021


Although trail runs in the area are impacted by the California forest closure orders, we were able to help the USFS open the Pole Creek OHV trail last month.  This trail isn’t very difficult with a short wheel base 4x4, and is absolutely spectacular.  The trail passes the Sierra Club Bradley Hut and climbs to the Tinker Knob saddle.  On the way up to the saddle the trail passes towering palisades below Billys Peak.  The trail is a “shelf road” with some sharp switchbacks.  There are also several steep drainage crossings, including “Ratcliff Ravine” and Deep Creek.   We keep these crossings passable during our annual work parties as part of the USFS Adopt a Trail Program.   

We have a run scheduled to Pole Creek on October 5th with a hike up Tinker Knob provided the forests are reopened.  Keep your fingers crossed and see you there!