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2022 January TD News

Dean Eppley | Published on 12/8/2021

2021-10 shelf

What kind of vehicle do you need for exploring 4WD trails around here?  It depends.  Most of the Forest Service Roads are suitable for any high clearance AWD/4WD vehicle.  There are also OHV Routes that generally are limited to 4WD vehicles with low range and ample clearance.  Alternatively, “Jeep Trails” need heavily modified vehicles to safely explore including reinforced axles and suspension, skid plates and extended rock rails to help prevent body damage.  Some examples are the Rubicon, Fordyce, and Barret Lake Trails.  I recently was a passenger to Rubicon Springs, venturing up and down Cadillac Hill.  Calling it a road is being overly generous!  A stock Jeep might make it once, but not without damage and help – never go alone!


What kind of trails do you like to explore?  All Club Members are encouraged to join a Zoom Trail Run Planning Session on January 23rd.  Please register at