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2022 August TD News--Babbitt Peak

Dean Eppley | Published on 7/15/2022

2022-08 TD News

The TD4WD Club had a fun run up the 8215’ elevation Peavine Mountain and onto the Crystal Peak where crystals were mined for radios in World War II.  The expansive views from the top of Peavine Mountain allowed the group to see the entire Reno metropolitan area before heading back down to the forest to the West.  The meadows were full of wildflowers making for a specular show along the way.  Coming up August 8th is a moderately challenging run up to Signal Peak and the Old Central Pacific Railroad Fire Lookout that was used to watch for railroad snowshed fires from 1876-1934.  Then on August 27, we’re making an easy run up to the Sardine Peak Fire Lookout to do some stargazing, so bring your telescopes!  Membership is $10 per year.  The trail run schedule is on-line for members at  We look forward to seeing you!