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2023 June TD News

David W Gray | Published on 6/1/2023

May ushered in the start of our trail run season with Nevada runs to El Dorado Canyon, PeaVine Mountain, and a multi-day trip to explore around Fallon.  We’ll report on those trips next time.  

June adds runs to Bowman Lake and the historic Meadow Lake, home of the short lived Summit City/Meadow Lake Mining Town founded by Henry Hartley.  In 1866, Meadow Lake had 5000 residents.  Within just three years there was less than 50 residents, soon afterward just Hartley, known as the hermit of Meadow Lake, remained. We’re also trekking to Lagomarsino Canyon, Nevada where a large collection of ancient rock art resides.  A social is planned for June 24th at the Adventure Center.  If you enjoy dirt roads, mining history and negotiating wash outs, come join us.  

To join/sign up for runs and socials, please visit the TD4WD Club Website at  Dues are $10 per year.